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Monday, Monday: What’s on your creative plate this week?

Hi, all! It’s my turn to drop in with our a Monday roundup and kickoff — an overall post of motivation for a week that has words and art in it!

I hope the week is treating you well so far - and if it is not, I hope things will turn around soon. As for me, my weekend was pretty well balanced between getting things done and getting some rest/downtime/outdoor time. I especially enjoyed that last one; somehow work feels that little bit further away when I’m outdoors.

My plan for fic writing is to push aside some of the usual distractions this week: No social media after 7pm, and no more than 1 hour tops for TV and hobbies other than writing. If that doesn’t help…. well, it should, so I’ll commit and look forward to the results.

What’s your plan?

If you’re looking for somewhere to start, the roundup is below.

And your Flash Challenge: Temptations
Where did I come up with that one? Nothing nearly as M rated as you might think- just the kitty’s treat bag on the sofa cushion next to me. :}

Last Week’s Challenges:
Words of the Day- FOMO, Blossom, Camp, Plastic, Brainchild
Slow Sated Sunday- Slow Dancing
Weekend Challenge - Who Are You
Say What Friday- "Creativity is intelligence having fun." Albert Einstein
A to Z challenge: U
Wonderful World of Wednesday - Words, Images and Videos to Inspire
Numbers Challenge: 66

Also, two more notes:
Daily Count Challenge - June's assignments, if you need your dates
May Musical Challenge - K is rewarding if you post w/in two weeks, so... have at 'em!

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