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Tuesday Bluesday...

What's worse than a Monday for bringing you down? When Monday happens on a Tuesday, that's what. Sure I had a day off yesterday, but that doesn't mean that the work that needed doing on Monday doesn't need to be done, it means for me that Monday and Tuesday work must be done before I get backed up into Wednesday. And okay, it's not that massive of a problem, but it's blues worth.

So let's see what we can do with some blues:

White Trash Girl ~ Black Magic Woman ~ Reconsider, Baby

I ain't nothin' but your fool

When you see me worryin' baby, yeah it's you I hate to lose

Remember, I remember all that you said

The thrill is gone baby, It's gone away for good

Bessie Smith ~ Muddy Waters ~ ZZ Ward

Bonus - Anything from either of the soundtracks to The Commitments!

A little hurt/comfort anyone?
Tags: challenge: songfic

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