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Word of the Day 05/28/19 Blossom

Blossom (noun, verb)
blossom [ blos-uhm ]

noun Botany.
1. the flower of a plant, especially of one producing an edible fruit.
2. the state of flowering: The apple tree is in blossom.

verb (used without object)
3. Botany. to produce or yield blossoms.
4. to flourish; develop (often followed by into or out): a writer of commercial jingles who blossomed out into an important composer.
5. (of a parachute) to open.

blos·som·less, adjective
blos·som·y, adjective
out·blos·som, verb (used with object)
re·blos·som, verb (used without object)
un·blos·somed, adjective
un·blos·som·ing, adjective

bloom, unfold, burgeon, prosper, develop, succeed, mature, grow, thrive, efflorescence, spike, floret, posy, bud, floweret, inflorescence, shoot, blow, effloresce, leaf

See more synonyms on
4. thrive, bloom, burgeon, sprout.

Origin: before 900; (noun) Middle English blosme, blossem, Old English blōstm(a), blōsma flower; cognate with Middle Dutch bloesem, Middle Low German blosem, blossem; (v.) Middle English blosmen, Old English blōstmian, derivative of the noun See bloom, blow

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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