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¡Feliz lunes!

Happy Monday!  And yes, I'm being a lingquistic dork, but y'all ought to be used to that by now.

It’s Memorial Day here in the US and if you’re lucky enough to be enjoying a three-day weekend, congrats.  If you’re stuck working, you have my sympathies.  Been there, done that a few times.  Not much happening here on the West Coast other than it’s gearing up to be a warm week.  In other news, I made a rash decision and adopted a 10-week-old Maine Coon kitten on Saturday. (Pic on my journal here if you need a good AWWW this morning.)


1. Flash Challenge!  Your flash challenge prompt is: kitten.  Give me 100 words or a graphic and I’ll reward you with my undying love and admiration. 

2. Last week’s challenges:

(In doing this, I discovered when I updated my MS Word program hyperlink is now just… link?  And I freaked because I couldn’t find HYPERLINK.  STOP CHANGING THINGS MICROSOFT.)

3. Big Buddy 100%-sh!  How did May treat you?  Did you blow it out of the water or are you still trying to get to that goal?  You have a couple days left still, let’s make it worth it.

asphaltcowgrrl –  20,000
agdhani –  50,000
sharpiesgal –  12,000
jennytork –  20,000/4
simplyn2deep –  3,100/31
cmk418 –  3,000
bizarra –  10,000
jstabe –  10,000
katyastarling – 31,000

Signups for June are here!  Come join us!  It’s fun and it’s free!  Hahaha.

4. The Daily Count challenge is here and I believe there is still time to sign up.

5. May’s Musical Challenge is winding down, but go check the songifc tag for inspiration.  And because I am totally out of the loop due to being out of commission for half of April and a chunk of May… I have no idea what June’s challenge is going to be.  If H or K or whomever is running June’s challenge would let me know, I’ll update so we can all know.  And to quote one of my favorite 80’s cartoons: And knowing is half the battle.

I think that’s it.  Chime in and let us know how you did last week and what you’ve got planned to make this week amazing.  Personally, I’m going to load a cowboy onto my Kindle and cuddle with a cat or three. 
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