Lady Tamara (agdhani) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lady Tamara

Things that scare us...

Who knew there were so many...and probably many more.

I have a collection of 540 clinically named (?) phobias.

Pick a number between 1 and 540...or give me a letter of the alphabet (I don't think there are any Y's...but the rest of the letters are fair game)...and I'll offer you up a fear for you to torment your darlings with.

Feeling daring...I'll give you more than one if you wish. There are plenty to go around.

I'm hoping the electrical work on the house on Thursday goes as planned and I have power to get back to you on this (if I can't from the office). In the meantime, feed me back 300 words , a banner, 2 icons...whatever floats (or sinks) the next Thursday...and I'll offer icons, a banner if I can, words to my WIP, possibly a drabble if we share a fandom (I really need to make a new list...and post it SOMEWHERE!) and my undying appreciation ;)
Tags: weekend: challenge

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