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Word of the Day 05/23/19 Jockey

Jockey (noun, verb)
jockey [ jok-ee ]

noun, plural jock·eys.
1. a person who rides horses professionally in races.
2. Informal. a person who pilots, operates, or guides the movement of something, as an airplane or automobile.

verb (used with object), jock·eyed, jock·ey·ing.
3. to ride (a horse) as a jockey.
4. Informal. to operate or guide the movement of; pilot; drive.
5. to move, bring, put, etc., by skillful maneuvering: The movers jockeyed the sofa through the door.
6. to trick or cheat: The salesman jockeyed them into buying an expensive car.
7. to manipulate cleverly or trickily: He jockeyed himself into office.

verb (used without object), jock·eyed, jock·ey·ing.
8. to aim at an advantage by skillful maneuvering.
9. to act trickily; seek an advantage by trickery.

handle, navigate, ride, move, direct, negotiate, twist, turn, position, guide, steer, pilot

jock·ey·like, jock·ey·ish, adjective
jock·ey·ship, noun

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Origin: 1520–30; special use of Jock + -ey

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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