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Easter word wars

anyone up for some word wars on this nice Easter Sunday? i need motivation and some of you probably do too lol.

to give ppl time to join i thought i'd set it for 2:30 my time (PST)

round one - 2:30-2:55 pm PST / 5:30-5:55 pm EST / 10:30-10:55 pm British time
round two - 3:00-3:25 pm PST / 6:00-6:25 pm EST / 11:00-11:25 pm British time
round three - 3:30-3:55 pm PST / 6:30-6:55 pm EST / 11:30-11:55 pm British time

(hopefully i got my timezones straight haha)

hope to see some takers :)

ETA: thanks Dreamy for joining me! together we got 901 (me) and 1245 (you) for a total of....

2146 WORDS. woohoo.
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