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Monday, all over again.

Today is a holiday here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and that means is I have no internet access except through my phone.

Your flash challenge today is: Phoning it in.

From my little device here I cannot get you the links/lists of what's been prompted, or the specs on who should be where with big buddy. Or at least, not with the time allotted. So I will offer up a few things:

Big Buddy folks should be 50% through the month, and 29% through the year! How're you doing?

If you don't have the urge to scroll up and hit the 'previous entry' button until you find inspiration ask me for a prompt here and I'll give you something. It's anybody's guess what you'll get, but that I can do from the phone.

The other thing I'm asking for is positive thoughts. Today is a rough and busy day, and happy thoughts make it better.

Now it's time for coffee!!!
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