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April Challenge: How I Met ... — (The Personal Crossover Challenge SIGNUPS!)

Hi, everyone, and welcome to the April Challenge! For this month, we are going to be writing crossovers with an individualized twist.

Here's how it will work.
• In the threads below, comment with one character you want to write, and then between 3-10 characters from other fandoms you would like to write that person with. Here's an example:
Character: Natasha Romanoff
Possible characters: Kara Danvers, Diana Prince, Rosa Diaz, Lois Lane

• Next, go to this post and leave as many one- or two-word prompts as you want (i.e., raindrops, puppies, baking, etc.)

• Once we get to 100 prompts or so (or in 48 hours from now, whichever comes first), I will randomize each person's characters and the list of prompts to give you the character you will be writing in addition to the one you picked as well as your own personal list of 10 prompts.

• Write a fic of at least 500 words with your chosen characters and at least one of your prompts by May 4 to be rewarded with glory beyond your wildest dreams! Or probably just a completion banner.

(At the comm where I based this idea on, the fic was supposed to be about your two characters meeting — hence the title of our challenge — but you just need to use one of your prompts instead.)

• You can continue to sign up and add prompts throughout the month, or even get a second or third set if you finish your first.

If there are any questions, let me know! This post is unscreened, but the prompt one will be screened so it's more of a surprise!
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