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April Challenge

OMG! *headdesk* I am way behind where I should be with things, and I've just realised that nothing is lined up for April's monthly challenge. I would do it myself, but I am away 1-3 April for a short break with my husband, so it'll be a push to get something up by Monday. I can if I have to, but it would make life easier if I can take a pass on this one.

This post is therefore to ask if anyone here thinks they can handle it? I know a few people put their names up to run challenges, but I don't want to hand it on without knowing that whoever takes it has got time to set it up and is happy to do it.

Please comment here if you would like to take it, especially if you have an idea to run with.

If you'd like to, but you're not sure what to run, there are some simple challenges, or if you think you can manage something more time-consuming, please say! Check the tags list for ideas and how they've been run before to see if anything appeals, or if you have always wanted to do one we've done in the past, then that's good too. Bear in mind we've already done these this year so far: WIP Push, Bingo and of course our current one Three Sentence Fic.

The other option could be to work on one in conjunction with another person, so say here and we'll get you together either in comments or by linking you in emails.

Someone who could volunteer for May, with a second idea, would be great too, and then I'll know we're ready for next month as well! ;-)
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