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February Bingo rewards!

I am slow with everything this year, but at least I've managed to get the February Bingo rewards banners done! YAY!

All of our Bingo participants did fantastically! You have all earned the banners, so feel free to take them and display them wherever you like!

Firstly, I made two banners for agdhani because she completed not one, not two, but FOUR blackouts! I've made you one for the three 2x2 blackouts and a separate one for the 3x3 blackout, my dear, and while they are done in the same style, they show your wonderful achievements more clearly than one banner would have!

And next we have our 3x3 blackout winners, angelus2hot and helsinkibaby.

We have two 2x2 blackout winners, asphaltcowgrrl and severina2001.

And last, but definitely not least, two of our newer members, hanakoanime and katyastarling, with a 4x4 line bingo each!

Join me now in congratulating all of our Bingo winners! *claps loudly*
Tags: admin: rewards, challenge: bingo
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