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It's Monday Again!

Hello March!  I’m hoping that the new month is bringing some milder weather for everyone on the East Coast/Midwest US.  We got another bout of rain, but it’s been beautiful despite that.  So, no complaints here.  Well, aside from my younger child constantly reminding me that this school year is almost over and she will be a senior before long.  *sigh*

Okay, enough of the mom woes.  Hahaha.  How’d you fare last week?  Did you have a good February?  If not, what can we do to help inspire you?


1. Flash Challenge!  Your flash challenge prompt is: herbs.  Give me 100 words or a graphic and I’ll reward you with my undying love and admiration. 

2. Last week’s challenges:

3. Big Buddy 10%!  It's really early in the month so if you're behind, don't sweat it. 

asphaltcowgrrl - 2000
agdhani - 5000
katyastarling - 1500
sharpiesgal - 1000
jennytork – 5000/1
simplyn2deep - 500
cmk418 - 500
haldoor - 310
shinysylver - 700
bizarra - 1000
dracosdreamer - 100
flipflop_diva - 1000
jstabe - 1000
kaige68 - 310

Signups for March are here!  I shouldn’t have made any math mistakes here because 10% of a round number is relatively easy.  But then, this IS me we’re talking about so…

4. The Daily Count challenge is here , all ready to go for a new month.

5. There is a March challenge about to start, although I’m not 100% positive what it is yet.  But you should be seeing a post soon since bingo is officially over now.   

Anyway, happy Monday!  Let’s go out and have an amazing week, we’ve got this, guys!     


Mar. 5th, 2019 12:31 pm (UTC)
Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
“Did you get it?”

“I tried, but the store was all out.”

“What do you mean ‘all out’? Did you ask?”

“Yeah, I did, but apparently there was some sort of Thanksgiving in March thing going-“

“Thanksgiving in March?”

“Yeah, you know. Like Christmas in July, but only with turkey and stuffing so that’s where all the sage went.”

“I’m not letting the product out onto the street as it is.”

“I know that. It’s why I picked up this.”

“Cilantro. Tell me, are you trying deliberately to destroy our business or is this just general idiocy?”

“I don’t understand.”

“Let me break it down for you. Cilantro is one of those herbs that you either really like or you really hate. There’s no in between. Sell it to a hater and they stop buying from us. They start buying from another guy and the other guy gets them and their friends while we’re stuck with a bunch of product that should just be made into salsa. Now, take twenty bucks out of your earnings and go to some store and get some sage like I asked.”


“And drop this off with my wife. It’s taco night.”

Edited at 2019-03-05 12:32 pm (UTC)
Mar. 5th, 2019 01:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
This is amazing. This is also why I don't send others to the store fore me. HAHAHA.
Mar. 6th, 2019 04:38 am (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Thanks! It's so hard to get good help.
Mar. 6th, 2019 08:27 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Welcome! And no doubt. I have to show my 19-year-old what I want so I know she's getting the right thing. Even then, sometimes she'll text me from the store with a picture and a caption of 'which one'? LOL
Mar. 5th, 2019 07:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Excellent use of the prompt!

I dislike sage intensely, but am okay with cilantro (which is the same as coriander, I think?), so I can understand the story completely! ;-)
Mar. 5th, 2019 07:51 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
It is the same as coriander. Here, in the US, the herb is cilantro but the seeds are coriander. Weird, huh? (I like it, too.)
Mar. 5th, 2019 09:24 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Yeah, I wonder why? We just have coriander (the green part) and ground coriander (seeds) at the supermarket (don't ask me about specialty stores; I am a philistine who doesn't enjoy cooking! ;-P)
Mar. 5th, 2019 09:31 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Because Americans are weird? But I'm assuming its because cilantro is the Spanish name for coriander.
Mar. 5th, 2019 09:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Aaah! that does make some kind of sense!
Mar. 5th, 2019 10:19 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Right? It all makes sense now. :D
Mar. 5th, 2019 11:03 pm (UTC)
RE: Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
I just refer to it as Mexican parsley since they both look alike to me.
Mar. 5th, 2019 11:10 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Yeah, I'm often getting caught sniffing the herbs at the grocery store. Sometimes it's the only way I can tell them apart.
(no subject) - haldoor - Mar. 6th, 2019 02:05 am (UTC) - Expand
Mar. 6th, 2019 04:41 am (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
Thank you. I'm not big into sage (except as incense), but I love cilantro. My mom is the opposite when it comes to cilantro.

I'm reading the rest of the discussion. I hadn't realized the link when it came to coriander, but I did think that I've heard it referred to as Mexican parsley a time or two. Whatever it is, it's delicious.
Mar. 6th, 2019 08:52 am (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
So with you there - I much prefer coriander/cilantro to sage!!!

And so sorry to have run off with your thread like we did! ;-)
Mar. 6th, 2019 08:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Original - A Cutting Exchange - 198 words
I like sage, but mostly in my stuffing or with blackberries (I make these really good blackberry sage thumbprint cookies). Much prefer cilantro though.

Hah, yeah, well, we kind of went off on a tangent there, sorry. :)


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