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Bingo Round-up

Hey everyone! Feb Bingo will finish in a few hours, so it's time for the round-up! So far we have (links are to their posts here in the comm):

agdhani - mini-blackout
Cities 2x2 card + 3 more (as per comments)

asphaltcowgrrl - mini-blackout
Movement 2x2 card

angelus2hot - blackout
Fluff 3x3 card

helsinkibaby - blackout
Fluff 3x3 card

severina2001 - mini-blackout
Fluff 2x2 card

katyastarling - line
Kink 4x4 card

hanakoanime - line
Fluff 4x4 card

Fantastic work everyone! If you are not on the list and have completed something for this Bingo challenge, please link us (if you want) and/or tell us about your success in the comments here! then I will make you the appropriate bingo banner reward over the next wee while! ;-)

And our March challenge - Three Sentence Fic - will begin soon, so watch out for a post from the lovely kitmerlot1213 very soon!
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