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It's the last day of February for most of you, and the 1st of March here already, so get those numbers updated TODAY if you can! I will leave counting till sometime Saturday my time to give everyone a chance to update!

And if you're doing Bingo this month, you have until Sunday 3rd March at midnight PST to get your creations finished and posted! You can either post a quick thing in the comm linking up to your creation (if you want to share) or wait until my final post for Bingo on Sunday when I will ask you to tell me what you completed, so I can work on banners from that post. You can either link us there or just let me know what you did, if you haven't already posted somewhere in the comm about it! Good luck getting them finished, everyone!

March's challenge is going to be 'one three sentence fic' based, and run by the lovely kitmerlot1213! I will leave her to post when she's ready to kick things off, but get your creative juices ready, because it's going to be fun! I'm hoping to work on a few myself!!!

P.S. I haven't forgotten the rewards banners for the WIP Push either. I hope to get them done soon!

[FURTHER EDIT: If anyone can offer beta services on Young Justice, please GO HERE for details!]
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