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Monday, Monday!

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Hey everyone, it's actually me; I'm here and it's only noon on Monday in my part of the world as I write this! WOOT! I call that success as I've been pretty bad at keeping up with everything else related to my writing and this community lately! I am a good 1000 words behind on Big Buddy as I have not even attempted a single word in my ongoing WIP since half a month ago, and I have WIP Push banners still not made, nor have I managed to make up the Weekend Challenge hosting schedule *hangs head in shame*.

I have no excuses except laziness. It's summer and it's been hot, so I come home from work and what do I do? I laze about drinking something cold (usually iced water) and watching Netflix or OnDemand shows. Hopeless, I tell you. Even last week when my husband was away for a few days, I managed NOTHING. I went a bit mad watching things he wouldn't bother with, I think. HA! So slack.

ANYWAY, I have to be better this week as need to write at least 1300 words before Thursday's over! And I need to get that schedule and those banners done! Wish me luck!

What are YOU doing to be awesome this week?

1 – FLASH CHALLENGE – Your Monday prompt is - "Wake up, sleepyhead!" Give me 100 words or a graphic for the sake of saying you’ve done it!

2 – Reminder of last week’s challenges:

H - Synecdoche - Camaraderie - WWoW - 462 - Bootstrap - Gibble-Gabble
SWF - WC: Head in the Cloud Words - Sirenic - Prognosticate

3 – Big Buddy 89% - Are you all on schedule so far this month?

asphaltcowgrrl - 17,800
agdhani - 44,500
simplyn2deep - 4,450
sharpiesgal - 8,900
cmk418 - 4,450
haldoor - 2,492
thatwasjustadream.dreamwidth.org - 13,350
candream - 178
slfcllednowhere - 13,350
hanakoanime - 4,450
bizarra - 8,900
dracosdreamer - 890
shinysylver - 4,450
jstabe - 8,900
katyastarling - 13,350
csichick_2 - 11,570
kaige68 - 2,492

4 – and don't forget this month's challenge, BINGO! If you want to grab a card or finish one, or even just a couple of squares, go check out the cards! You still have until March 3rd to get your creations completed for this one!

5 - Don't forget, Thursday is month end, so I will be counting words on FRIDAY - make sure you update your numbers before then!

This week, as we do every week, Let's get out there and CREATE!!!
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