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Weekend Challenge: Head in the Word Clouds

Hi, and happy weekend to you! It's my turn to offer up some prompts, and I thought I'd try something different this go-around. I'm making word clouds from the most-used words (and other keywords) from my favorite books and movies. In some cases I've taken a favorite scene, in others the entire script - and I used a word cloud program to boil all those yummy words down to @40-60 words per title.

To play, just reply with a number from one to fifteen, and I'll deliver you a cloud! You can write or art something based on a single word, a combo of the words, or just see what the tone and mood of the one you draw inspires for you. You could also make a separate challenge for yourself, and write a fic based on all the words that are in green font or yellow font, etc.

Rewards: Post a graphic or a fic by this Thursday night, and I'll write you a double drabble or ficlet, or make you a couple of icons. Also, if you can guess the book or movie that inspired your cloud, that's an additional ficlet or 2 icons for you right off the bat (I'll provide a hint).

PS - I have about half the images ready to go, the rest will get made after work tonight.

Who is in?!
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