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Monday Has Arrived!

 A little bit later than usual but eh, we're here. 

(I don't see a Monday post so if I'm blind, please feel free to delete this, powers that be)

How is your week going so far?  Apparenlty, it snowed in several parts of the valley last night and let me tell you, it was a shock when that car drove past me on the freeway this morning with snow on its hood. 

Lots of great things happening in these parts:

Word of the Day

A to Z



Weekend Challenge

Say What Friday

Slow, Sated Sunday

I'm thinking  there might be a few more, but I'm totally blanking (my template is at home, hah!). 

cmk418 has also been hosting some random word wars.  Hit them up if you're inclined to join in!

Since I'm sneaking all this in during work, I can't get fancy and list everyone but how are we doing with Big Buddy?  Are you where you need to be? 

Daily Count Challenge is here in case you need to check and see when you're next up!

Sorry for the drive by posting, but I need to get productive.  Have an excellent week everyone!
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