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Weekend Challenge: Sci-fi/Horror movie Quotes

I'm getting in early this week, so I don't forget later! This week's challenge is brought to you by my love of sci-fi and horror movies, and I've found 25 quotes from sci-fi movies and 25 quotes from horror movies in two separate lists (and some of the movies in the first list don't seem exactly sci-fi to me, but let's run with them). I've kept ones that seem like something you could use in a story, but if you don't feel inspired by the first quote/s you get, please ask for another. So hit me here with either SC-FI or HORROR and a number from 1-25 and I will offer you the corresponding movie quote to use as you will.

I can offer 100 words in one of my WIPs, a drabble in one of the fandoms I write in, or an icon of your choice, as a reward if you complete a 200+ word fic created from your inspiration or a set of icons/a banner/wallpaper to illustrate your quote by midnight PST Thursday next week!

Come on down, and get creating!!! ;-)
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