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WIP Push: Check in!

Jan 2019-WIP-banner.jpg

Hi everyone! It's great to see how many of you have joined me on the WIP Push this month! I am feeling really good about mine, though I have no idea where it's heading so far! HA! But then, I've always been about letting the muses see where they take me, so here's hoping this one is going to work out! I have written 1512 words over 6 days so far, which is well over the 100 words per day I set myself, so I'm feeling quite pleased, even if the end is not looking near at the moment.

How are you all doing with yours? Going according to plan? Need some help with inspiration , or want to bounce anything off yours truly and/or the other comm members? Here's the place to ask for help or just let us know how you're doing and what you're feeling about the WIP/s you're currently working on.
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