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If you see this post, try to squeeze 100 words into the next 100 minutes!

See you in an hour fourty minutes!


Random word: Owe


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Dec. 27th, 2018 01:24 am (UTC)
(gonna post this bit in a few places...because I used a couple of the words in it :) )
Most, however retreated outdoors again quickly after laying him out on the hemp-board table, understanding that if some appearance of normalcy was not quickly reestablished, anyone looking for the hapless fellow, or buggers alerted to a disturbance, would arrive and now something was amiss. With the fire can quickly righted and moved into place beneath another herpa awning so that the falling water did not extinguish the flame, with the streeters now gathered once more around its warmth, the only thing that would appear out of place would be the missing awning and the bent poles that had given way under the weight of the falling man.
Most might not even notice that.
The door shut with a bang that made him, in his agony haze, wince.
“Sanctuary, Gabby” he heard a voice exclaim, a garbled voice as if reaching him from beneath the water. “Sanctuary…and a comm connection.”
Someone replied, syllables in words Rhyd’s ears refused to decipher, and he groaned. He could not stay here. He had to get somewhere. Somewhere safe.
“Hush,” said the dwarf. “You’re gonna owe me for this…but for now, let me do what I do.”
Rhyd was given no choice. The splitting pain behind his blurred vision dragged him into blackness once again.
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    21 Feb 2024, 02:42
    Oh, that is perfect for this prompt! And I can just see Howard's face when he gets that last thought! So good! Well done, my dear! ;-)
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    The first time Bernadette reached for his hand, it was though an announcement sounded in Howard's brain, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have contact.” It was amazing. He wanted to shout it from the…
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    21 Feb 2024, 02:23
    Thanks, my darlink! Hope you are doing OK too.

    *hugs back*
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    21 Feb 2024, 02:14
    You've done a fantastic job! Thanks so much for volunteering! ;-)

    LOL, I know that feeling. I won't even tell you how many WIPs I have or how old some of them are! Good luck when you get back to…
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    20 Feb 2024, 18:07
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