Lizet Elaine (simplyn2deep) wrote in 1_million_words,
Lizet Elaine

Daily count to...cmk418

Back around Thanksgiving time I joined a Sterek discord writing group called sterekdrabbles and, while it had taken me a while to get back into writing, on December 1 I started back to writing drabbles. Was also able to finish my Sterek Secret Santa fic.

Since the start of December, I've written A BUNCH!

Started a drabble series called Beacon Hills Quake of 2018.

Finished my Sterek Secret Santa fic but it wont be shared until next week.

And some other Christmas fics I will share this weekend and on Christmas.

Now for today...I've done some writing over several projects that I don't know my exact word count...and I wont until i start posting the finished projects.

All in due time!

Passing it on to cmk418! Get those words!!
Tags: daily: count challenge

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