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Advent Calendar - Dec 15th - Hawaii 5-0 icons

Ah, Hawaii 5-0: I really wanted to do a slew of icons for this with images from S1-S9, but this month has been kind of challenging. Instead, I used this post as a reason to watch the big episode that just aired the other week and grab pics from it. I'll definitely come back to add a banner with the Joe White death scene; feels like it deserves that and it's just too late tonight. Also, I'm going to add Danny images from the next epi, once it's on CBS on demand.

This episode had a lot of great stuff going for it: Steve being extra fast and bad ass at the hand-to-hand combat, and having a plan almost right away when Joe calls. It had Steve whump, that awful ex of his being awesomely extra evil, and some strong team feels. It had a good deal of Adam, lol. Never a bad thing. And that very touching moment at the end. I'm glad it's still around, both to watch and inspire fanfic and fan art - the fan art for the show on Tumblr has been quite excellent the last couple of years.

Junior 100 Tani Adam Steve Chair Lou 100 Steve Tee Steve Joe 100
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