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Word of the Day 12/10/18 Cognizant

Cognizant (adjective)
cognizant [kog-nuh-zuh nt, kon-uh-]
(previously 04-25-13)

1. having cognizance; aware (usually followed by of): He was cognizant of the difficulty.
2. having legal cognizance or jurisdiction.

Related forms
non·cog·ni·zant , adjective
non·cog·ni·zant·ly , adverb
pre·cog·ni·zant , adjective
un·cog·ni·zant , adjective

Related Words for cognizant
observant, knowledgeable, conscious, informed, apprehensive, judicious, acquainted, alive, awake, conversant, familiar, knowing, perceptive, savvy, sensible, sentient, versed, grounded, witting

Synonym study
See more synonyms on
1. See conscious.

Origin: First recorded in 1810–20; cogniz(ance) + -ant

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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