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Advent Day 06: Outlander graphics

Hi everyone, how are your creations going? Got everything sorted for your seasonal challenges? I have actually managed to get my second Advent day sorted in advance, so woo!

Here you go, some very simple and straightforward icons from Outlander.

Most of these are taken at random - three each of Claire and Jamie, then three of them together, followed by Brianna and Roger - one of each and then both of them (love these two!), and then finally four more of individual characters that I think needed to be here too: Dougal, Geillis, Fergus and Lord John Grey.

icon-outlander-claire1.png icon-outlander-claire2.png icon-outlander-claire3.png

icon-outlander-jamie-wind.png icon-outlander-jamie-suit.png icon-outlander-jamie-blood.png

icon-outlander-jamie-claire2.png icon-outlander-jamie-claire1.png icon-outlander-jamie-claire3.png

icon-outlander-brianna.png icon-outlander-roger.png icon-outlander-roger-brianna.png

icon-outlander-dougal.png icon-outlander-geillis.png icon-outlander-fergus.png icon-outlander-lord john grey.png

I'll be back on Day 12 with some Narnia pictures for you! ;-)
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