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Advent sign-ups!

Sign up here to make graphics for a fandom/fandoms in the 24 days leading up to Christmas!

You will need to post a minimum of two icons for each of the fandoms that you pick. If you want to make a banner, a love bar, or a vid, then that's great! Two icons (or one larger graphic) per fandom is the minimum; there is no maximum!

Graphics do not need to be seasonally themed. You do not have to make graphics for all the fandoms you nominated, and you can pick other people's nominations to make them for; we just want all 24 days covered - so you can choose more than one day and/or fandom.

Oh, and if you want to do a drabble or two instead of graphics, that's all good as well. ;-)

American Horror Story


Disney movies
Fast and the Furious

Harry Potter
Hawaii Five-0

Magnum PI
Mission Impossible
Murder on the Orient Express
Star Trek
Star Wars
Teen Wolf

The Chronicles of Narnia
The Haunting of Hill House
The Man in the High Castle
The Maze Runner

1-Dec - FBI - simplyn2deep
2-Dec - Fast and the Furious - haldoor
3-Dec - Coco - asphaltcowgrrl
4-Dec - Supernatural - asphaltcowgrrl
5-Dec - 9-1-1 - simplyn2deep
6-Dec - Outlander - haldoor
7-Dec - Harry Potter - dhfreak
8-Dec - The Haunting of Hill House - dhfreak
9-Dec - Legion - agdhani
10-Dec - American Horror Story, The Maze Runner - erinm_4600
11-Dec - Mission Impossible - simplyn2deep
12-Dec - The Chronicles of Narnia - haldoor
13-Dec - erinm_4600
14-Dec - erinm_4600
15-Dec - Hawaii 5-0 - Dreamy
16-Dec - The Man in the High Castle - agdhani
17-Dec - Arrowverse - tellshannon815
18-Dec - Star Trek - angelus2hot
19-Dec - Teen Wolf - angelus2hot
20-Dec - Magnum PI - angelus2hot
21-Dec - erinm_4600
22-Dec - erinm_4600
23-Dec - Constantine - agdhani
24-Dec - Lucifer - agdhani
25-Dec - FREE FOR ALL!

SIGN UP NOW, and take as many fandoms and dates as you can manage! I also need someone to take Dec 1 if they can, so we can hit the ground running on Saturday (I will do it if no-one else can, but any help would be appreciated!). Taken - thanks, Liz! ;-). NB: I'll probably pick up more other than F&F too, depending on how many others want to choose something.

I will cross off fandoms from the first list and add your name and chosen fandom to the second list as I see your comments (first in, first served).

Once you've had your dates/fandoms confirmed, please keep track of when you're due to post, as I won't be able to remind everyone. Schedule posts if need be; it's all good!

Further Notes
1. Interpret the fandoms however you like: choose one show/movie/comic/book from the 'verse or cover whatever character or scene or version you like, It's all acceptable!
2. There are 3 extra fandoms over and above the number of days available, so if you want to add any extras from the leftovers after all the days are filled, that's fine too!
3. Give it go, even if you've never done graphics before - this is a great way to start, and there are plenty of free online graphic maker sites out there to help!
[Late edit] 4. The Free For ALL date of 25 Dec is for anyone to join in, and you can do something relating to ANY fandom, be it on this list or not, OR anything else, even if not fandom-related.

Thanks everyone! This should be fun!!!

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