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Is your NaNo a Go or are you foreseeing a NaNoPocalypse?

Hello, all! How is  your NaNo going? If you are participating this year, I hope you're seeing progress that makes you happy. I had hoped for better, but I'm not sure why I felt it was reasonable with many big work days and a major personal project on the plate this month. Sigh.

There is still time, though - even though that time is, urm... 12 days.  For inspiration, a post re: how to attack NaNowrimo late in the month.

One of the suggestions is Word Wars!  What do you think, any takers? If you have free time on 11/22 and/or 11/23 at @11am eastern or 3pm Eastern I could run a few rounds those dates. If you're too busy working or celebrating US Thanksgiving, another option is the weekend of 11/25 and 11/26 -- feel free to toss out some days/times and I'll gladly plan some word wars if any takers.

I did spent yesterday outlining one holiday gift fic. I know what I plan to write for the other. So at least I have a plan - and hey, who knows, I might not make 50k but perhaps I'll end this NaNo month witha decent total and a couple of nice gifties. 
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