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a geek in such the wrong way

WIP Push!

I was going to be so organised with this, but work has been manic this week so I'm afraid I'm posting this quickly from my phone before I head off 'down the line' (as we say in this part of the world when travelling south to somewhere else in NZ) for a long weekend with friends, so the graphic I meant to add is an impossibility right now.

However,  I'd like to hear how you're doing on that WIP we talked about you picking up the other day!

If you're just joining us, pull out a WIP or two and see if you can add to it. Need some inspiration?  Check out some of those words of the day entries or an old challenge. Or ask away - perhaps I can pull up a prompt or two, or suggest a way to paint yourself back out of that corner you got stuck in. Or maybe one of the other comm members will have an idea that will help!

It's an open suggestion/thought share post so anyone can join in! I might take a few days to answer due to the weekend away, but feel free to chat amongst yourselves until I get time to come back to you! ;-)

Tags: challenge: wip push

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