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Word of the Day 11/14/18 Timorous

Timorous (adjective)
timorous [tim-er-uh s]

1. full of fear; fearful: The noise made them timorous.
2. subject to fear; timid.
3. characterized by or indicating fear: a timorous whisper.

Related forms
tim·or·ous·ly , adverb
tim·or·ous·ness , noun
o·ver·tim·or·ous , adjective
o·ver·tim·or·ous·ly , adverb
o·ver·tim·or·ous·ness , noun
un·tim·or·ous , adjective
un·tim·or·ous·ly , adverb
un·tim·or·ous·ness , noun

Related Words for timorous
apprehensive, faint, fainthearted, fearful, hesitant, meek, shrinking, shy, tentative, timid, tremulous, unassertive

Synonym study
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1. See cowardly.

Origin: 1400–50; late Middle English < Medieval Latin timōrōsus ( Latin timōr- (stem of timor ) fear + -ōsus -ous)

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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