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Wonderful World of Wednesday

"Breaking through writer’s block is like thinking out of the box: Both require an ability to imagine a world outside your four walls or rearranging them to get a better view."

~ Susan J. McIntire ~


Writer's Block: If only it was as easy to shake off as lighting a candle. Though, maybe it is. May your passionate flame burn bright as you push forward in your endeavors.

**Warning** None

We have all been there, done that, and have a closet full of shirts. We can overcome that block though.


Did you know?

Whitetip reef sharks sleep in cuddly piles, just like kittens or puppies. Although sharks don’t enter a fully- unconscious state of sleep like mammals do, they like to snuggle while switching between states of wakefulness and restfulness.

Today's Tarot Card from November 14, 2018, from Galaxy Tarot

Knight of Cups

Romantic, Looking for Love, Fickle, Emotional Intensity, Idealism, Spiritual Seeker, Artist, Flirt
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