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Weekend Challenge (late) - Thingymabobs

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay I had my brother visiting this weekend and so scheduled the post but it appears technology has defeated me.

The challenge is week is using my new favourite random things generator - http://www.springhole.net/writing_roleplaying_randomators/random-thingimifier.htm
The generator gives you a whole list of random things and I want you to try to use as many as possible in a piece of writing or art and share what the results are here!

Because of the delay there isn’t going to be a real closing date on this but before next weekends challenge would be great!!
Good luck and happy writing


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Nov. 11th, 2018 11:06 pm (UTC)
I like random things...so I'm going with three and I'll see what I can do with them.
And I'm saving that link!
Nov. 12th, 2018 02:30 am (UTC)
here's what it gave me:
--Animal: Lizard
Color: Pink
Element (Greek): Water
Element (Eastern): Metal
Element (Squeenix): Fire
Element (Periodic): Francium (Fr)
Flower: Iris
Fruit: Starfruit
Spice: Oregano
Gemstone: Pietersite
Metal: Steel
Musical Instrument: Cymbals
Season: Autumn
Time of Day: Evening
Day of Week: Monday
Nov. 12th, 2018 02:31 am (UTC)
and here's what I included in my NaNo...using pink, lizard, water, and evening:

“I don’t even think they tried,” snorted Ginna, kicking over the recycle box and scattering its contents and the water accumulated at the bottom across the side alley between the vindis on this short, dead-end run. She made no effort to keep her voice low, but another girl with pink-dyed dreads clamped her hand over Ginna’s mouth in response to the harsh stares of the other four in their group.
No one, not the vindi operators, not the shoeman repairing the neon sign damaged in the previous night’s fight, not the patrolling bugorra that passed on the main platform, paid the obvious streeters any heed.
Streeters were too common place to be chased away.
There was nowhere else for them to go.
This was the place. They all knew it from the prodcasts viewable on Echos throughout the Levs, inside businesses or on the external walls so passersby never missed any important bit of news. The Founder had installed the first public Echos so long ago that they now as much a part of Hebenon’s landscape as was the constantly falling roar of the falls.
This was the place where the bugorra had let the brako boss get away.
“They don’t want him caught,” whispered another. “Better to keep us afraid and dependent on them for protection.”
“Scarecrow’s the only one who can stop him.”
Heads bobbed in agreement with Xiaodan’s statement.
“Then we need to pick up the pace…find where the brako meet…where he is…and let Scarecrow know,” Ginna growled, her voice quieter as she pulled the hushing hand away from her mouth.
“We need to recruit. There isn’t enough of us to cover all the Levs…”
“And we need to let the bugorra know we’re on to them…”
“So we tag.”
“Everywhere.” Typically they tagged in groups, safety in numbers, but there was too much city to cover, to many places to leaven their mark where the SCAMs could see and report their work to Captain Grainger and the bugorra who were not, in the Spink’s eyes, doing enough to protect the people of Hebenon. “Get the word out; we meet this evening at the Lizard Lounge for assignments…to collect supplies…and we’ll pick a time and go out in twos and threes…and hit everywhere on this Lev.” Of late this seemed to be the brako’s focus of attention, so it made sense to Xiaodan to draw the bugorra’s attention to them.
And it made sense to put out the Level-wide call to the Scarecrow as well. He would see their call, and he would answer it. Somehow he would stop the brako boss and end the oppression.
It was just going to take time. And the help of the Spinks.
Even Scarecrow could not do this alone.
Nov. 12th, 2018 06:32 pm (UTC)
I also used, metal, fire, Iris, and oregano in this bit:

Today, however, they were here under the passcard of the man he was meeting in this garden park bench setting. Long necked white birds floated like angels across the glassy surface of their iris-encircled pool, clouds against a royal blue, rippling sky.
He was glad Jaron had picked this program. He needed peaceful today. And though he had expected the younger man to have been here ahead of him, he had sat in this tranquil place for a full fifteen minutes before Joran’s arrival.
Another five minutes and their session would expire.
Enoch did not have a passcard on him to request more time. He did not know if Jaron would or not.
“Not all of it,” the other man sighed, the stilted, slightly mechanical voice filtered through the implant at the hollow of his throat, words spoken without his lips or mouth moving. He handed the canvas pack he had worn slung over his back to seated man and dropped onto the bench beside him.
“I know…I know. But he’s getting suspicious…not of me but of the missing supplies. And some of those things…” He shook his head, his dark curls swinging side to side as he did so. “They’re not exactly easy to get…or to transport. I can’t just walk into here with a case of zaolei and a tooler. I’ll have both at the drop off…but some of its going to take more time.”
Enoch grunted and for a few moments they watched the silent birds in their watery ballet. The three-minute warning buzzer on the timer went off, flashing a crimson tint over the dek image, lending a bloody tint to the birds that made Enoch frown.
“You’ll come tonight though? You’ll be there? Seven?”
“I don’t know. I don’t know if I can get away.”
“You have to be there, Jaron. You two meeting is the only way to make this work.”
Enoch’s insistence made Jaron’s brow furrow. “Make what work?” he asked as they both got to their feet and he assisted Enoch with adjusting the heavy pack upon his back. He had put as much of what Enoch had requested as he could in it, not an easy burden for most due to its bulk and weight.
Enoch barely seemed to notice.
The one-minute buzzer to the countdown began and the dwarf had still not answered his question. “Enoch…”
“Just be there. Vapors. Seven.”
The bench they had been seated on vanished, as did the foliage, the blue sky, the swans on the pond. The door of the dek pod opened
“Who do you want me to meet?”
There was no response as they passed from the pod into the waiting room and then onto the walkway in the cold outdoors. A fire burned in a metal waste container on the opposite walkway and the heavy aroma of oregano and garlic belched with the steam from the nearby Italian eatery. The smells made Enoch’s stomach growl, but there was no time to enjoy such pleasures now.
Skelter would be expecting him, and he had to be fast about the delivery if he was to make it to Vapors on time.
“Thought you trust me…”
“It’s not that…you know it’s not.”
It was the man Jaron was in close proximity to that Enoch did not trust, the man who had once been in the Founder’s pocket. Anything connected to that family was suspect, and though he knew why Jaron was there, he worried still about the corrupting influence of that sort of power.
He knew firsthand how it could destroy a life.
He pulled the collar of his coat up around his neck and looked up and down the walkway. No one was nearby. The screen on the nearest SCAM was black, the power light flashing orange as the unit rested in dormant mode.
They were safe enough.
Still, he lowered his head so that there was no chance the SCAM might still be able to run a facial recognition algorithm or read his words from the movement of his mouth.
“Scarecrow,” he admitted reluctantly, choosing to trust Jaron with this as he had trusted him with so much else. “I want you to meet Scarecrow.”
He hastened away, leaving Jaron alone with his hands in his pockets staring after him, hoping he had not just made the biggest mistake in his life. Some risks were worth taking. He hoped this was one of them.
Nov. 12th, 2018 01:59 am (UTC)
Keeping myself honest, here's what I picked up:

Animal: Gopher
Color: Purple
Element (Greek): Earth
Element (Eastern): Wood
Element (Squeenix): Shadow
Element (Periodic): Tin (Sn)
Flower: Tulip
Fruit: Pomegranate
Spice: Black Pepper
Gemstone: Pietersite
Metal: Platinum
Musical Instrument: Cello
Season: Spring
Time of Day: Morning
Day of Week: Friday

Not sure how many of these may fit into my NaNo novel, but I'll give it a whirl
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