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Wonderful World of Wednesday

"Affirmations are like planting seed in the ground. It takes time to go from seed to a full-grown plant. And so, it is with affirmations - it takes time to grow from the first declaration to the final demonstration. so be patient."

~ Louise L. Hay ~


Some days the words just fly from your fingers, other days they hover just out of reach. Do not give up.

**Warning** Typical Movie Violence

There are times when we try so hard to breathe life into a muse who has stalled. Sometimes, it sparks back to life, other times you have to announce that is it DOA and let it go. Remember to bury your muse with a bell attached to it, because it might not be as dead as you thought it was.


Did you know?

You get happier as you get older. A 32-year study found that the largest percentage of people who reported being ‘very happy’ were over 80. Some of the factors that indicated happiness were having a significant other, being healthy, and having no children.


Today's Tarot Card from November 7, 2018, from Galaxy Tarot

Queen of Swords

Intelligent, Truthful, Clear Communicator, Self-Aware, Independent, Teacher, Writer


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Dec. 23rd, 2018 07:37 pm (UTC)
a little rp bit inspired by affirmations, admissions and demonstrations...
involving Matthew Murdock and Frank Castle:
He awoke, but he said nothing to the man who puttered around his apartment, fixing the busted door jam, a wobbly table leg, the dripping faucet, the window that had never quite opened right despite the landlord’s efforts to fix it. There were things, for the most part, that Matthew had accepted, since he was not typically here long enough for any of them to be a nuisance. Though he did not open his eyes, and his hearing was still muffled, the world off balance, by focusing harder he could still gauge what Frank was doing.

And he was reasonably certain Frank knew he was awake.

Yet still he lingered, making himself useful in ways that were both annoying and endearing at the same time.

Finally, believing that the other man was awaiting some cue, waiting for some indicator that Matthew would be alright, he cracked open his eyes and said, “Go home, Frank,” in a tone that he hoped conveyed more gratitude and appreciation then annoyance or exasperation.

From the direction of the kitchen, behind the closing of the undersink door, the other man’s voice emerged as he got to his feet. “You want something? Soup? Tea?”

“I can manage.” He sat up slowly, ignoring the familiar aches that spoke of a fight despite the fact that he had not been in one recently.

“I know you can…” The other man’s tone expressed that, while he had every confidence in the other man’s ability to take care of himself, he felt that this time, at least, someone should do it for him. Rather than express such a sentimental weakness, however, he put a tea cup in the microwave, pressed a few buttons, and then said, “She called by the way…wanted to know how you’re doing.”

“Tamara? She’s alright then?”

It was the only affirmation Frank needed that his friend was smitten with the redhead…just as Frank was, without admitting it to anyone else, taken with her daughter. It had taken Frank a long time to admit that to himself. Any sort of declaration, however, was a long way off.

How awkward was that going to be?

“Sounded like it. Said there was some family dinner meeting…but I told her you weren’t going to make it.” The microwave beeped the completion of its cycle. “They’d have started already, so don’t fuss about being late.”

Matthew grunted. She would insist on his welcome back into the family, but with his current weakness, with his need to adapt to whatever life his sacrifice had left for him, it was probably better that he stay away. He could not protect her, could not fight for her. He had nothing of himself to offer any longer.

Frank pressed the cup into Matthew’s hands and closed around them with his own. “I don’t know what you did…what happened…but you look like you’ve taken one helluva beating. Take it easy for a few days. You’ll be back on your feet again.”

“Like you care,” Matthew said with a wry smirk.

“We may not agree on how things should be done…but at least we agree on doing something when the need comes up. You’re a good man, Red. She knows it.”

“Go home, Frank,” Matthew repeated, not in the right frame of mind for emotional discourse.


Frank straightened and moved about the apartment gathering his coat and duffle that clattered in a way which suggested it contained at least one weapon of some sort.

Not that it surprised Matthew to hear it.

“Just…call you need anything, Red. I’ll be around.”


He had no intention of needing, of relying, on anyone. Tonight, as the city traffic spoke of the every day end of ritual, he had only one thing in mind.

Two, if he counted her.

But she was the one that had drawn him into this predicament and so his frustration, his off balance center, was going to demand a safer outlet before he saw her again. Saw her and told her she was better off without him.

He did not expect her to believe him for one instant. But it was, from where he sat, the truth.
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