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Claim your JOY!!!

Below the cut are the Joy lists of gifts people would like to receive. There are no names listed here, and we'll keep the comments here screened as well.

Remember if you listed a Joy, you need to claim one! And too, while there are some Joys that will be securely within your wheelhouse, consider doing something that will stretch you a bit as an artist.

We ask that when you comment to make your claim you list out three of them. We'd like you to rank them in order of your preferences. You are more than welcome to list more than three if you so choose.

Claims are filled on a first come/first serve basis. We will do our best to strike through a Joy list once it has been claimed, but we don't promise super-speed.

You will be contacted via PM as to which Joy you got. If you are not PM enabled, please leave an e-mail address where we can reach you (again, comments are screened).

Joy 1
Fandom/Character/Pairings: MCU (Tony/Natasha, Clint/Phil, Tony/Strange), Magnum P.I. 2018 (Magnum, Rick, TC, and Higgins), Star Trek AOS (Kirk/McCoy, McCoy/Pike, McCoy/Chekov)
Gen/Het/Slash/Femslash: Slash for MCU and Star Trek. Gen for Magnum P.I.
Preferences/Kinks: feel good fic, domestic fic
Dislikes/Squicks: mpreg, angst, character death
Highest Rating You Want: I am fine with NC17
Canon You Don't Want: MCU: Anything dealing with Infinity War
Scenario/Scene/Setting You Might Like: Magmun P.I. helping each other deal with the holidays and PTSD, MCU general saving the day and dealing with the holidays, Star Trek holidays in the 23rd century, but if these do not tickle the muse I'll be happy with whatever you may come up with.
Non-Fandom Things You Might Like: wallpaper with inspirational quotes, Jay Hernandez, puppies and kitties

Joy 2
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Lost: Jack/Sawyer, Sayid/Sawyer, Jack/Boone, Jack/Sayid/Sawyer
H50: any slash pairing with Steve, but especially Steve/Chin, Steve/Adam, Steve/Danny in that order
CSI LV: Nick/Greg
The Flash (only S1-2 though): Barry/Cisco, gen
Arrow (only S1-4): Oliver/Tommy, Oliver/Slade, Oliver/Felicity (no het sex, please, but romance is fine), gen
Shadowhunters (TV): Magnus/Alec, Simon/Raphael, gen (featuring Alec and/or Izzy, no Clary unless you can't avoid it)
Game of Thrones: Any slash pairings, gen (featuring Jon Snow and/or Daenerys Targaryen)
Star Trek AOS: McCoy/Chekov, Chekov/Sulu
Firefly: Mal/Simon, gen
Torchwood: Jack/Ianto, gen
How to Get Away with Murder: Connor/Oliver

Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Slash till I die, with a small side of gen; the occasional het romance
Preferences/Kinks: first times, one has been straight until the other came along, h/c, pwp, humor, jealousy, woke up married, secret romance, case fic
Dislikes/Squicks: anything too kinky (except for the Lost characters who can basically do anything kinky!), gender-swap, kidfic, mpreg
Highest rating: NC-17
Canon you don’t want: H50: Steve with a woman other than in friendship, Shadowhunters: Clary
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: any of the characters listed being out of their comfort zone, (such as away from their country for Christmas, doing a job they don't know, or being forced - other than non-con - to do something that seems out of character); summer weather rather than winter; does not have to have Christmas/holiday theme; something funny & sexy (doesn't have to be full-on sex); road trip
Non-fandom things you might like: icons featuring the following: travel, cats, dogs, guinea-pigs, humorous sayings or scenes

Joy 3
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Game of Thrones Jon Snow/Sansa Stark romance or friendship, Sansa and Arya Stark sisterly bond, the Stark family being awesome
Elementary Joan Watson and Sherlock Holmes, best friends and partners, Sherlock Holmes/Jamie Moriarty romance
Spider-Man: Homecoming Peter Parker/Michelle Jones romance or friendship, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones friendship, Peter Parker and Tony Stark friendship (Irondad and Spiderson), May Parker being awesome
Supergirl: Kara and Alex Danvers, being awesome sisters, Kara and Lena Luthor, being best friends
The Flash: Barry, Cisco and Caitlin, being best friends, the West-Allen family being adorable, Team Flash bonding time

Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: I’m fine with it all
Preferences/Kinks: I love angst with a happy ending, fluffy romance, mystery and/or action adventure stories where couples realize their true feelings
Dislikes/Squicks: I do not want any rape, incest or dub-con stories
Highest rating: I am good with G to R ratings
Canon you don’t want: No Jon/Daenerys romance, no Peter Parker/Tony Stark romance
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: People baking cookies together, decorating the Christmas tree, snowball fights, holiday dinners where true feelings are revealed
Non-fandom things you might like: People realizing how fortunate they are to have their friends/families with them, helping people who are having a tough time around the holidays—I’m happy with pretending holiday time is a Hallmark Christmas movie.

Joy 4
Fandom/Character/Pairings: H50: Steve/Danny and/or Tani/Junior. Teen Wolf: Derek/Stiles
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: H50: slash, het or gen. TW: slash
Preferences/Kinks: no kinks
Dislikes/Squicks: non-con, dub-con, watersports, scat
Highest rating: R
Canon you don’t want: H50: Steve/Catherine or Steve/Lynn, Danny/Gabby or Danny/Amber(Melissa). TW: no Kate or Braeden or Derek with them. No Malia or Stiles with him, no Lydia/Stiles
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: H50: domestic fluff, kid-fics, RESTAURANT AUs (it isn't sitting well with me how much Kamekona has taken over Danny (and Steve's) business) TW: Fluff, all human au, sterek as mates, domestic, kidfic, FBI AU, deputy AU, all the AUs, Alpha Derek, Stiles apart of Hale pack

Non-fandom things you might like: wallpapers/icons/banners of Hawaiian locations or of plumeria flowers

Joy 5
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Destiel, Marvey (Suits), and McDanno
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Slaaaash!
Preferences/Kinks: Pretty much anything goes
Dislikes/Squicks: ABO- I don't hate it, just don't get it. Character genderswap. Anything too dark or violent.
Highest rating: Any rating is fine
Canon you don’t want: No other romantic interests - mentions of past relationships are fine.
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: Send them somewhere around the world on a trip, maybe? And there-was-only-one-bed is a favorite. :)
Non-fandom things you might like: Suggested songs/playlists for writing- for the characters or more generally. No need to gather files or links or anything, just suggested list(s) of @an hour's worth of songs.

Joy 6
Written or Image words: either
Fandom/Character/Pairings: • Z Nation: 10K; any character or canon relationship; 10K/Red, Sarge, or triangle; Addy &/Lucy; Warren &/ George; crossover: 10K/Isaac (Teen Wolf), 10K &/ Five (Dark Matter)
DNW: fluffy or otherwise (overly) positive Murphy /& 10K; non-canonical character death (by s05e05); people calling 10K Tommy (Red excluded, albeit reluctantly)
• Teen Wolf: Isaac; Isaac/Scott, Chris, Peter, Derek (or some, or all); Isaac/Erica*, Allison*, Cora*; Allison/Isaac/Scott*; Isaac & Melissa; crossover: Isaac/10K (Z Nation)
DNW: anything past s03b (it was a bad divorce)
• Major Crimes: Rusty & Sharon; Provenza & Flynn shenanigans; Rusty/Gus or OMC(s); Andy/Sharon
DNW: spoilers past s05e04
• Parks and Recreation: any character
• The Book of Mormon (musical): Arnold/Kevin
• Dark Matter (TV): The Android & Two & Five friendship combinations; The Android/Two; Two/One*, Two/One/Three* femdom; crossover: Five &/ 10K (Z Nation)
DNW: spoilers for s03
• The Faculty: Casey/Zeke; Zeke & Delilah unlikely allies
• SVU: Barba/Carisi; domestic Carisi/Rollins
DNW: spoilers for current season
• NCIS: Tim/Tony; Tim/Tony/Ziva*; Tim/Ziva*; Tim/Abby; Abby &/ Ziva or Ellie
DNW: spoilers past s13. Sorry!
• Game of Thrones: Jon/Jorah; Jon/Jaime; Yara/Ellaria; Ramsay/Jon or Euron/Yara* non-con; Tyrion, Arya, Brienne, Sam, Yara, any direwolf
DNW: Daenerys. Sorry, not sorry :o)

Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: whatever mentioned (gen always welcome)
• general likes: found family; loyalty; reunions; domesticity & slice of life; crack fic; kiss & make up; embarrassed/shy/inexperienced characters; also feeling guilty (justified or not); all kinds of dark fic; Lovecraftian themes; giallo; film noir; (basically all horror subgenres); crossovers; non-mundane AUs … etc
• smut & kink likes: pwp; first time; blow jobs; fuck or die; something made them do it; tentacles etc.; femdom; anal penetration (fingering, fucking, fisting, toys, foreign objects … you name it); rimming; sounding; dub- and non-con (also rape & revenge); (forced) prostitution; pornography; mpreg/breeding where fitting (e.g. science gone weird, magic, etc.; also for Teen Wolf); (also knotting); asphyxiation; edging; milking … etc
Dislikes/Squicks: (overly) explicit sex for non-slash pairings (* marks exceptions); watersports; scat; vomit (as a kink); enemas; vore; feet or chest hair in sexual context (also facial hair, kind of); (gender bender; genderswap); animal cruelty; character bashing; mustard!
Highest rating: explicit
Scenario/Scene you might like: Anything! Bonus love for: dirty porn; animals; happily ever after; zombies; heroic deeds & sacrifices; fix-it for Teen Wolf (Allison, Isaac) or Z Nation
Non-fandom things you might like: armadillos; capybaras; moose; bright colors; autumn leaves; lore; Jack the Ripper; poetry

Joy 7
I've listed below my favorite characters/ships, but feel free to include any character you want as long as one of the ones I've mentioned is the main character(s)!
MCU: Natasha, Steve, Steve/Nat(/Sam), Nat/Any female, team fic (original or post-AoU), Nat&Clint (bffs, not romantic), Gamora/Quill, Shuri being awesome
Agents of SHIELD: Daisy, Jemma, Bobbi (in any combo or altogether) or Daisy/Deke, Daisy/Robbie
Harry Potter: Harry, Hermione, Pansy, Neville, Hannah, Luna, Katie (any femslash or het combo)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Amy, Rosa, Gina, Jake for shipping (any combo). Anyone at all for gen!
Salvation: Grace/Darius
Supergirl: Kara, Alex, Lena, Samantha, Imra (any combo except Kara/Alex)
Star Wars Sequel Trilogy:: Rey, Finn, Poe, Kaydel, Rose, Amilyn, Kylo Ren (any het or femslash combo). For gen, any of the above plus Luke and Leia
The Good Place: Literally any femmeslash or het pairing is amazing! I can't choose. I love them all!

Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: Gen, Het and Femslash
Preferences/Kinks: I love angst. I love smut (kinky or non). I love sweet. I love first times (for anything) and missing moments and twists on canon. I also love character studies, snark and banter, badass females, vulnerable!Natasha and team fic. And finally, crossovers and fusions are awesome!
Dislikes/Squicks: Over-the-top fluff, mpreg, mundane AUs (canon divergent AUs are awesome, just not high school AUs or coffee shop AUs, etc.)
Highest rating: There is nothing too high :)
Canon you don’t want: Harry Potter epilogue. Hermione/Ron, Harry/Ginny or Nat/Bruce (past references are fine)
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: Holiday fic with someone being sad/lonely/sick/miserable and the other person surprising them. Other ideas: road trips, apocalypse, unrequited love, drinking the holidays away, sneaking away during a party to have sex, Christmas shenanigans, trapped in a cabin in the middle of a snowstorm, holidays gone wrong
Non-fandom things you might like: Tropical drinks, yummy desserts, Hawaii, cute animals, anything Hufflepuff, Texas Longhorns football, anything Disney, black & white images.
If you're making graphics, I can always use sigtags for landcomms
Lands of Magic, 300x150 dimensions — Kristine, The Summer Court
Hogwarts Is Home, any dimensions that total 470 (I usually do 300x170) — Kristine, Hufflepuff
Other fandom options for graphics I would love: Manifest, any of the Chicago shows (Fire, Med, PD), Modern Family, Quantico, The Gifted and Cloak and Dagger

Joy 8
Fandom/Character/Pairings: Marvel Movies – Anything Gen, any slash pairing with either Hawkeye or Winter Soldier (or both), Star Trek (alternate movies) Gen or McChekov, Magnificent Seven (2016) Gen or Faraday/Vasquez, Teen Wolf Sterek, Supernatural Gen or Destiel, SGU any Gen, Young Justice Gen or birdflash, Harry Potter gen, Stratton Gen or Stratton/Marty, Mission Impossible Benji/Brandt, Warehouse 13 gen, Inception Arthur/Eames. The Good Place Gen, Manifest gen
Gen/Het/Slash/FemSlash: See above
Preferences/Kinks: Slow build, schmoop, case fics, AU, first time, preslash, happy ending, competency kink
Dislikes/Squicks: Kid fic, de-aged characters, Mpreg, genderbend, watersports/scat, BDSM, non-con as a major plot point
Highest rating: Explicit.
Scenario/Scene/setting you might like: I LOVE AU! I could have that bumper sticker. Even Gen AU! But casefic is almost as wonderful. A well done grief fic if a death is canon is beautiful. And when you find out who I am, you can PM me and I'll be HAPPY to throw a bizarre scenario at you if you'd like. For instance ALL of the characters together snowed in at a remote airport!
Non-fandom things you might like (eg wallpapers/icons/short story scene): Coffee meme, puppies, knitting patterns!
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