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Weekend Challenge: Them and They Do a Thing

Hello, all!

This weekend, I bring you a prompt that you actually have to do a little work for.

I have a random scenario generator, but YOU have to provide the WHO.

You task is to give me two characters. Any two characters. Same fandom, different fandom, inanimate objects, real people.. Character A and Character B. *you can even ask for just the scenario, because the generator actually produces a scenario with blanks!

You can ask for as many or as few as you like!

To give you an idea of what kind of nonsense this produces, have a sample 'roll':
Tony Stark knits an ugly sweater and forces Dean Winchester to wear it.

Rewards are limited to icons or landcomm sigtags (for now).. unless someone else wants to add to their own wordcount, in which case I'll contract out ;)
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