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Original Fic Challenge & Tip: Write A Fic That Involves a Sport

Original Fic Challenge: Write A Fic That Involves a Sport

Original Fic Tip:Balance Disbelief With Logic

Today's fic tip comes from the Horror blog and is very timely, considering Halloween is just around the corner!
tend to look at world building in horror as half technical, half psychological. We’re writing about fear at its core, trying to tap into what makes us the most afraid. But we can’t do that without knowing how to capitalize on all that adrenaline just waiting to be released.

One of the main things to remember when world building, especially for horror, is to strike a balance between the suspension of disbelief and logic. If you’re creating a serial killer or monster with supernatural powers, for instance, there should be some limitations on what they can and can’t do so their victims have somewhat of a fighting chance, even if the odds are never in their favor. Your monster can be over-powered as all hell, but make sure to follow your own rules, even if you stray away from convention.

A good example of this is the video game Left for Dead 2. They have several different kinds of zombies, each with their own characteristics and abilities, but the rules surrounding how they act and how you kill them remain the same. If their parameters changed halfway through the game with no explanation, it would make a lot of players angry. So, pretend you are writing a video game. Keep your rules consistent.

Now go forth and write!
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