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Wonderful World of Wednesday

“Your past is a skeleton walking one step behind you, and your future is a skeleton walking one step in front of you. Maybe you don't wear a watch, but your skeletons do, and they always know what time it is.”

~ Sherman Alexie ~


There are times when you just want to get up and get those bones to moving! If you can move them, do so and be glad you are not bound to a chair or bed.

**Warning** None

There are times when the oldies just fit the bill. Do you do the mash? It's fun, no legs required.


Did you know?

Sleep deprivation kills your sex drive It can also ruin your memory, age your skin, put you at risk of depression, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. It can impair your judgment to the point where you believe you are okay when you are not getting enough sleep.

Today's Tarot Card from October 24, 2018, from Galaxy Tarot

Knight of Swords

Revolutionary, Philosophical, Impatient, Rushing, Explorer, Debate
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