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Monday, Monday - What's your game plan this week?

Hi, all! Happy Monday - how is the week treating you so far?

I hope everyone's off to a great start. I *think* I am, now that some technical issues at work are resolved. They kind of ate up my morning and a bit of my afternoon, but now I feel like things are back on track and I'll choose to be thankful for that.

I had company in town this weekend. Well, not company - family. We had a blast; one of the more fun visits I've had in some time. Great for my mood, if not for my sleep patterns, lol, 'cause we were in nighthawk mode. So tonight will be about resting up, and then I'm aiming to get back into some good routines- both for my health (more sleep, more running) and for my creative efforts (some actual words, and some NaNo planning.

Speaking of NaNo, I'm going to post in November - but as I'm no NaNo expert, I'd welcome anyone who'd like to share resources, ideas, and/or to post a few times next month as well. Let me know if you are interested.

So what's your plan for creativity this week?!

Here are links to some inspiration from this last week's posts:

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