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Orginal Fic Challenge & Tip: Write A Story About A First for a Character

Original Fic Challenge: Write A Story About A First for a Character

Original Fic Tip: Build Your Setting Around Your Character's Point of View

Today's tip is about how to ensure a setting is tied to a character's Point of View and comes from this article.

Masterful setting description teaches us an important lesson: writers need to take the time to paint enough of a sensory-rich picture in order for readers to feel they are there—or at very least, get a glimpse of how the setting feels and looks to the POV (Point of View) character.

..When you are in POV and you describe a tree, you are not giving dry statistics about that tree; you are sharing what that character notices when looking at that tree. And the way that tree is described has to:

1. fit the character’s personality, vocabulary, background, and education (you can’t have an educated character describe the tree the way a botanist would);

2. fit the character’s mood at that moment (the choice of phrasing and adjectives, as well as the aspects of the tree noticed, has to reveal, mirror, or imply the mind-set);

3. and help set the tone of the scene.

I’m often asked how much sensory detail should be put in a description...If pressed to give a general answer to the question of amount, I would say this: Choose 2-3 senses in describing setting, then come up with at least 3-4 masterful sentences that showcase those sensory details. Make them details that help paint that picture for the reader

Now go forth and write!
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