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Weekend Challenge: Sing Us a Song, You're the Piano Man...

Hello there!  Happy Friday or Almost-Friday - and time for a new Weekend Challenge, woo hoo! This week's theme is:  I Got the Music In Me…

Well, technically I don’t at the moment - but in just over a day, my sister, her guy, and I are going to hear Reginald Kenneth Dwight hammer the hell out of a piano and we’re gonna love every minute of it.
Honestly, I’d probably only ever have gone to one Elton John concert in my life if it had been up to me - but my sis is a ‘Ride or Die’ fan of his, so this will be the seventh since 1981 for me!  Probably eleventh or fourteenth or so for her.

Since we will be busy getting ready for and heading to the show, I thought I’d start early, and set out a weekend challenge party platter. Either pick a number from 1-12 and collect your prompt(s) below, or feel free to graze and pick one or three or more. The first 12 options are Elton songfic prompts, video links included. I aimed for some deeper cuts, but threw a few hits in as well. If Elton’s never going to be your thing - well, I also selected twelve ‘A, B, Cs of Music’ for you: Musical terminology that felt like good fic prompts.

I hope they inspire, and if they do please post here with a link - and a request for a ficlet or some icons as a reward.

Happy weekend!

Elton Prompts- with Music Vids

Number One:
I Feel Like a Bullet (in the Gun of Robert Ford)
Is this an Ultimate Break-Up Song?
From YouTube: Robert Ford was the assassin of the Western outlaw hero Jesse James. Who but Bernie Taupin would think it a household name!

 Number Two:
I’m Still Standing
One of Elton's more throwaway pop hits, maybe, but damn it feels good to sing this loud in a car!  It feels like "I Will Survive" transformed into "I have Survived..."

Number Three:
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Major Hit Number One on this list - but what a song, right?There's something a little magical about this tune. By the way, the piano used to record it (at a studio in London) is the same piano on which Paul McCartney recorded "Hey Jude" and Queen recorded "Bohemian Rhapsody."  There's a piano with a pedigree.

Number Four:
Beautiful tune, despite the undertones of breakup song. It's a lover consoling someone he/she is leaving, in my mind. Or just Elton or Bernie exulting the values of harmonizing in song. Who's to say?

Number Five:
To me this song straddles the line between 'Bad Songs of the 70s' and Rock Opera. It's high-angst, in the best way.

Number Six:
From the movie "Tommy," and were EJ and The Who ever that young?!

Number Seven:
This is probably Elton's most esteemed early song- R&B styled proof he was an artist and more than a flash in the pan.

Number Eight:
One of those I just kind of vaguely remember from way back when...

Number Nine:
High Flying Bird
Oh gawd, this song...  so yearny, yet actually seems say absolutely nothing concrete, lol.

Number Ten:
Tossing this one in for the sake of it- 'cause what's a list of this sort w/o Tiny Dancer? Maybe a fic set in LA? On a beach? Trivia bit Number Two for the day:  The Tiny Dancer in the song is a woman who was wed to Bernie Taupin for five years and then they divorced. One time, Bernie and Elton were fueding, not talking to each other. Elton called on the phone, and the Mrs. handed it to Bernie and simply said "The Bitch is Back."   And another song was born.

Number Eleven:
Another angsty song - but one with some hope running underneath it? Love this one, all minor key and full of heart.

Number Twelve:
I guess that’s why they call it the blues
Saving my biggest fave for last. I would absolutely take a bullet for this song. Ha. Trivia factoid number three: Stevie Wonder played the harmonica section.

Musical Terminology Prompts
1. acceso
Ignited, on fire
2. adagio
At ease (i.e. play slowly)

3. agitato

4. allegrezza
Cheerfulness, joyfulness

5. bellicoso
Warlike, aggressive (English cognate is "bellicose")

6. bis (Lat.)
Twice (i.e. repeat the relevant action or passage)

7. brillante
Brilliantly, with sparkle. Play in a showy and spirited style.

8. bruscamente

9. capriccioso
Capriciously, unpredictable, volatile

10. coda
A tail (i.e. a closing section appended to a movement)

11. come prima
Like the first (time) (i.e. as before, typically referring to an earlier tempo)

12. comodo
Comfortable (i.e. at moderate speed); also, allegro comodo, tempo comodo, etc.

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