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Hopefully out of lurking, writing help - extra challenge

I so have not written for a long time, though now I want to get back with my writing. I thinking to take up one of my wip stories Thousand and one night, my take of Arabians night. Also hope to work on it during next month when it Nanowrimo. So here comes what I would like to have help from you of, that you can see the weeks to 1 November (or longer) as an extra challenge for you too.

In my story I use actor/actress name like, Orlando Bloom, Christian Bale, Leonardo Dicaprio, David Caruso and so on (of couse women also), so you can take the one you like ... Actually I made a post in my journal about it HERE so go there and read about it.
When I started the story, which now a few years ago (around 6-8 years) I wasn't into many of the new tv-series, films so there are a lot people I could think about then there is welcome. (As series such Hawaii 5 0, Fantastic Beast, Swat, Librarians(?) or what are popular now).

If your favourite, favourite is taken of someone else... I'm sure you would have someone else to chose, as there are so many to chose from, and I would not want two of the same.
If you want to count the words and get really into the challenge is to make up/write the story they are telling. Do you see it as complete I will put you up as a co write for that one and not change it. That is atleast what I can do.

Preferable is that you leave the comment at my entry, though here is good too. Now in the beginning I can be late to reply/comment, but I will come. And if you missed it... the reward from me will be the chapters your chose has come to. I have a few planed and will start working on. Hopefully I will get into writing again and also help to reach the groups goal for the year.
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