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Original Fic Challenge and Tip: Write a Story About a Strange Pet

Original Fic Challenge: Write a Story About a Strange Pet

Original Fic Tip: Six questions to ask about your world

One of the hardest parts of world-building is making sure your world feels real. I recently stumbled across this article which has six great questions to ensure your world is grounded:
There can be no human (or alien) civilization or settlement without plumbing, energy supply, or waste disposal. So you need to spend at least a little bit figuring out how all of this works underneath your story’s setting.

How do your characters eat? How do they transport and store food?

How is waste handled?

Where does the water come from?

Who provides the clothes and shoes (or gear)?

What money system is there? Is there a single currency? Several? Electronic money? Where are the banks?

How does the majority of people live? How does that influence the public mentality?

Now go forth and create!
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