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Writing challenge: LJ Idol

Hi, everyone!

This is a little late notice, but for anyone who might be interested, I wanted to let you know about a super fun writing challenge that is starting up. It's called LJ Idol, and basically you get a prompt and have about a week to write something that fits that prompt (fiction, non-fiction, poetry. Last time there was a guy who wrote songs) and then there is voting for about another week, with a few eliminations per week until one person is left standing at the end.

I did it the last season it ran, and it was both really fun and really nerve-wracking, but I liked that it challenged me to get outside my comfort zone and also to post stuff for other people to read.

So if anyone is interested, signups are open until 7p EST tonight (Friday)! (The first topic is also due tonight, but everyone gets two 'free' weeks where you can not enter and still play, so you can sign up without writing something.)

It is being held on Dreamwidth this year, but you can sign up with your LJ account via OpenID and post your entries to LJ as well.

And if you are not interested in participating, if you all want to read the entries each week and vote (hopefully for me), that would be awesome as well :)


Let me know if anyone has questions!

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