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Say What Friday

Hola peeps!

We have survived another week. Yay us!!

How goes the writing/imaging? Not doing so good, there is still plenty of month left.

Normally, I scrounge up a quote to provide inspiration, but this week is a bust. So, I'm going call this week Revisit Past Quotes. Find an old quote or one you saved for later and use it for this week.

Remember Bingo ends on the 7th and this month's challenge is original fiction.

Go forth and be creative.


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Oct. 6th, 2018 06:07 pm (UTC)
wrote a bit for a Jimmy Buffet quote from a few weeks ago...and promptly pasted it in the wrong quote post...so my bad!...

It also counts for an original WIP fic, since I'm exploring my MC for NaNo this year in an RP setting:


He was hungry enough now, however, that the thoughts of Venn did not deter him from savoring the crunchy sweet tartness. Wherever here was, he knew in the pit of his stomach that he was not going to see Venn again. Wherever he was now, Venn belonged to a world there was no going back to. This time it was not Venn who had been Taken…but Rhyd…and no matter how he tried to twist events and their suffering relationship in his head, Rhyd could not imagine Venn making the sort of effort to find him that Rhyd had once made to help Venn.

Venn wasn’t that sort of man. Rhyd did not hate him for it, felt no anger or outrage. He felt only regret that he could not offer an apology for the way things had changed. Not that he would have. He would remember the past with melancholy fondness, but there was no going back. Only forward. It wasn’t a lust for the future, but Hebenon had taught him the hard way that forward was all he had. He was sorry about the way things had changed for them, but he was not sorry for what he had become. Hebenon had needed the Scarecrow…Rhyd had needed the Scarecrow. There was no going back from that.

In this place, however, he would have to learn his place all over again.

That effort would start with getting dressed.
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