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RPF question

So this was a discussion question I saw at an AO3 fic writers group on Facebook, and thought it might be an interesting question to put to you guys as well.

I won't rehash the old debate about whether or not RPF is crossing any lines/disrespectful to the people it's about etc. But someone raised a question: Does it make a difference whether you're talking about, say, the One Direction guys/Supernatural cast/anyone alive today, who could potentially find out about it, or if it's about someone like Richard III who's long since died, will never know about it and can't be hurt by it?

From what I remember of the group the comments were a bit mixed and I now can't find the original discussion so I'm even wondering now if it escalated to the point of being pulled. But it had me wondering whether I should ditch a Legends of Tomorrow plot bunny involving a genuine disappearance in England (it basically involved putting the Legends in a situation where they had an aberration they couldn't resolve when the missing Princes in the Tower turn up in modern day, because returning them to London 1483 would screw up the timeline as we know it since they were never seen again after 1483 in the existing timeline, so they're damned if they do and damned if they don't). Would such a story be crossing any lines? What are people's views on whether RPF is a bad thing if about anyone who's long since died?
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