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Orginal Fic Challenge & Tip: Alternate Reality

Today's Original Fic Prompt: Alternate Reality

Today's Original Fic Tip: What If?

When asked how he gets his ideas, Stephen King says he likes to ask "What if?" and then he starts imagining how his characters will react to the situation.

From the popular Writer's Edit Blog, here are some typical questions:
"As a writer imagining an alternate reality, the most important question you can ask is ‘What if?’ This is the base-level query on which your story’s entire premise should be founded, and upon which you will build the individual elements of your world.

For example:

What if a particular, important historical event had never happened?
What if our planet and its inhabitants had evolved differently?
What if a fundamental aspect of life as we know it was to change suddenly?
What if we invented new technology that could accomplish wonderful/terrible things?
What if we could visit or communicate with other life forms (or vice versa)?"

Source: Click for Full Article

Go forth and write!
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