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Bingo # 1

This month's challenge was bingo. I had blast doing it, so with no further ado I give you....

Title: Shadows
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Threesome: Horatio Caine/Tim Speedle/Rick Stetler
Prompt: Noir card, drinking in the shadows
Word count: 270
Summary: Rick goes looking for Horatio and finds him drowning his sorrows at his favorite bar.

The drink was poured and placed in front of him with casual indiference.

He liked that in his bartenders. No need to ask what he wanted to drink. No need for meaningless small talk.

He wanted to be well into his cups before one of his lovers found him and drug him home.

He sipped at his drink as he leaned back into the shadows of the darkened bar room.


"Thought I would find you here, Red," Rick said as he settled onto the bar stool next to his elusive quarry.

"Go away and leave me alone," the redhead muttered not bothering to turn his head and look at his lover.

"Sorry," Rick replied with sarcastic glee. "No can do."

"I hate you."

"Love you, too, sweet cheeks," Rick tossed back as he stood up and levered the redhead off his stool and into a standing position. "Speed is worried about you, so I'm dragging your sorry ass home so he can quit worrying."

"How magnanimous of you," the redhead snarked back.

"Put a sock in it, Red," Rick growled suddenly tired of his lover's snarky attitude. Next time he was going to let Speed dig the redhead out of this bar.

"Oooo..." the redhead purred. "Somebody is touchy tonight."

"You got two choices on how you can spend the rest of your night," Rick quietly explained. "One in the drunk tank or two on the couch at home. Your choice."

The redhead softly sighed. He had been outmaneuvered again. "Home on the couch," he said and allowed Rick to lead him from the bar.
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