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Hey, look! It's Marvelous Monday!

Hello, all - and welcome to another Monday. I hope the new week is treating you well so far. I am stepping in for Haldoor today, hoping to inspire some words, art, or general creativity in your week!

I had a lot to try to accomplish this weekend, and for once I pushed past my 'end of the work week' lethargy and got to it! Organizing and cleaning, packing for a trip, and getting two runs in since I've been slack lately. Also, finishing up a long running knitting project I hope to get in the mail to the recipient tomorrow, and getting ready for a hellacious couple of days pre-vacation days at work, 'cause we all know how those go. I'm glad to say 85% of it got done. The only things I left aside were the work projects, but hey - it was blessedly sunny and mild out so I make no apologies.

There were also some words! Well....

...maybe not as many as I might have written a while back, but 695 more words than existed on Friday. It feels like they are likely to lead to a published fic this week, so that's definite progress.

How about you? How did the weekend treat you, and do you have some space in the week ahead for some words or some art?

The September Monthly Challenge is Bingo, and it's not over yet! Bingo runs through midnight your time on 10/7.
FLASH Challenge: Once you're done K's challenge, go pick a bingo card and write single or double drabbles for a line, for a blackout or a single square - knock out a monthly challenge participation in just a few hundred words!
Cards Part 1     |   Cards Part 2

Last Weeks prompts were:
Words of the Day:  Caboshed | Pathos |Scry | Tautology
Discrepancy | Sudoriferous
Letter: M
Wonderful World of Wednesday
Number:   924
Say What Friday
Weekend Challenge: Recipe Roulette

October Big Buddy  and Daily Count Challenges are on the way! Happy Monday!
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