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Word of the Day 09/30/18 Discrepancy

Discrepancy (noun)
discrepancy [dih-skrep-uhn-see]
(previously 04-17-13)

noun, plural dis·crep·an·cies for 2.
1. the state or quality of being discrepant or in disagreement, as by displaying an unexpected or unacceptable difference; inconsistency: The discrepancy between the evidence and his account of what happened led to his arrest.
2. an instance of difference or inconsistency: There are certain discrepancies between the two versions of the story.

See more synonyms on
1. incongruity, disagreement, discordance, contrariety, variance.
2. variation.

Synonym study
1. See difference.

Related Words
divergence, variation, disparity, miscalculation, error, distinction, difference, inconsistency, discordance, dissonance, incongruity, divergency, split, contrariety, variance, dissimilarity, dissimilitude, otherness, dissemblance

Origin: 1615–25; < Latin discrepantia, equivalent to discrepant- (see discrepant) + -ia; see -ancy

Now YOU come up with a sentence (or fic? or graphic?) that best illustrates the word.
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