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Wonderful World of Wednesday

September’s challenge is: Bingo! Don't forget to turn in your numbers!

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower."

~ Albert Camus ~


This beauty is my way of thanking everyone for their thoughts and well wishes. Even when the leaves change and start to fall, I know deep in my heart, I can count on you all.

**Warning** Fast Movements, Typical Fandom Violence

I let the Tarot guide me to this video choice. *shrug* Fitting, I should think.


Did you know?

The Museum of Broken Relationships lets you anonymously drop off items that remind you of your ex, then turns your story into an exhibit. The displays have helped thousands of people heal by giving them the ‘chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creativity.’ Starting as a traveling art project in 2006, it’s now seen over 45 temporary (and 2 permanent) locations around the world.

Today's Tarot Card from September 26, 2018, from Galaxy Tarot

Queen of Wands

Creative, Independent, Confident, Beautiful, Passionate, Friendly, Optimistic, Influential, Sexual
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