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Is it really Monday?

How are we doing this week?  Lots of fun stuff happening around here.

Daily Count Challenge!

Big Buddy!

And my favorite - BINGO!  We have two posts for this - general cards and then fandom cards.  I've chosen my card and can't wait to get started on it.

Our regular challenges are still in full force:

A to Z


Say What

Word of the Day

Weekend Challenge is a fun one - music of animation

And amusingly enough, my Romanian word of the day was for fig.  I'm not sure that ever comes up in my English conversations but okay.  I'll take it!

Happy Monday guys and let me know how last week went and what's on your plate for this week.

(And my apologies for the lameness of this post... my template is at home.  So, I'm praying I didn't miss anything!)
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