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September Bingo - Part 2 of 2

Now completed!

In case you need it, here are the links to the first batch of cards (including rules) and below the cut - fandom requests!

Fandom 3x3 Card
First up, a 3x3 card for us all to share. There is no free space, but feel free to make any one space
on this card a free space.

And per your requests, fandom prompts! Please note- the fics don't have to be entirely in the locations mentioned- they can be a starting point, an ending point, whatever - as long as they're part of the fic. And pairings can, of course, be platonic or not.

BBC Sherlock

Stargate Atlantis

Buffy Verse

The Flash

Teen Wolf

Star Trek Voyager


NCIS New Orleans

Marvel Characters Universe

Game of Thrones


Hawaii Five-0

Agdhani, your Noir images

Oh, my- I love how this came out! I hope you do. I might have to come back and do a couple of 2x2s for this as well...will let you know.

Thanks for your patience!

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